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Video Optimization

Let me tell you something about evolution...

   Yesterday's Video:     Today's Video:                        

Is there a need for video SEO and Marketing? With the advent of Google's Universal Search, many have seen the appearance of the occasional video thumbnail in their every day search results. These videos can be a great source of sharing information with consumers. If done correctly, a business owner could create an entirely "opt in" commercial session for consumers who want to learn more about a targeted product or service.

There are a few things that a business owner should ask before launching a video marketing campaign:
1. What message do I want to promote with each video?
2. Who would be my target audience (and will they watch this video)?
3. How much of their time am I going to be able to capture?
4. What is the desired outcome of these consumers watching my videos?

Look at what types of videos are being watched:

What are people doing AFTER they see an online video?

As a small business, you have an opportunity to set yourself apart from your competition by having a video that portrays your business in a very unique manner. You can give a tour, showcase a product or service or even have happy clients give a testimonial letting others know how valuable your business was to them.

Creating an online video?   Watch this video first!                     

Online Video Marketing-

There is no questioning the fact that online video is an emerging powerhouse of Local Search Marketing. The opportunity to showcase your business, your products or services or simply to allow the viewer see a video testimonial for your local business. 

Online video marketing allows your potential client to see your office or your procedures before they contact you. Having a great video on the web is ONLY a good thing if your intended audience is able to view it. 

While there is never any guarantee of placement with search engine optimization (SEO) or Digital Asset Optimization (DAO), there is an accumulation of "best practices" that increase the likelihood of your website or internet video being found when your ideal client/customer enters a query containing your targeted keywords into a search engine search box.

Net Video SEO is a one stop for tips on SEO Consulting, Local Optimization, Digital Video and Internet Video Ad Optimization. Not just optimizing videos for search engines, but best practice counseling of marketing & conversion in the design & production of your internet video, website or any online marketing piece that your business uses for web promotion.

Here are some links to other valuable information on this website:

Video & Mobile-

With Social SearchSEO has become a lot like hitting a "moving target". There are so many things to optimize that it is nearly impossible to achieve top search rankings for every term and to every possible searcher.

Some Local Searchers will used web-based search engines, others will use a smart phone. According to ComScore, mobile search volume has grown by 51% since 2008.

online videos need to show up on both.

Examples of videos optimized for Mobile Search: